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Configuring Anti SPAM Settings Minimize

Spam has become incredibly difficult problem to deal with on Internet.  On the one hand we want to be sure that we get the email we want.  But on the other hand, there's just all this junk to deal with.

Fortunately, at mywinhosting you have the ability to use spam filtering.  To do this, log into your control panel and navigate to the email screen just like you did when you create an email account.  Once you're there you'll see a line labeled "Anti Spam" in the "Mail Service" panel.  To the right of that will be a gold icon.  Click that icon to edit the "Anti Spam" settings.  This will allow you to set the default anti spam settings for all your email accounts in the current domain.

In the anti spam settings screen, you'll be able to control how aggressively you want to filter spam, and what you want to do with the spam.

The first field, "Spam check level:" allows you to control how aggressively you want to filter spam.  The second field, "Spam processing:" allows you to control what you want to do with the spam.  If you mark is spam the subject line of the message will be modified to indicate that of the spam.  You could use this as part of a filter in your email program to send it to the junk folder so you don't have to look at it but you can still look at it if it was important.  Alternatively, you can set your anti spam preferences to send all of spam to another email address.

The third field, " Max score level:" allows you to filter out spam that it's a lower threshold than the first field and blocks it from getting to your email client completely.

It's generally pretty safe to just go with the default options.

The white list and the blacklist fields allow you to either allow all mail from certain domains or certain email addresses or completely blocked them.  The onscreen instructions explain how to configure this as well as I could.

Once you have this screen configured the way you'd like to see how your spam is handled you can click the submit button which will lead you back to the main email configuration screen.

On the main screen you'll notice the same gold icon next to each of your email addresses.  Clicking this icon will allow you to configure your spam settings for each e-mail address individually and will override the general settings.

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