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Creating Sub Accounts Minimize

If you have multiple people working on your site, it may be advantageous to create at least one ftp sub account in the control panel so that they can work on your site without having access to your billing information or even your other domains.  Here's how you setup sub accounts:

First, log into the control panel at using the username and password you created when you signed up for hosting.  Once you are in, click on the "FTP Manager" icon.

On the next screen, you will see a paper/up arrow icon with the words, "System Accounts" next to it.  Click the icon.  Fill in the username, password and check the FTP check box.  Click the "Next" button to continue.

On the next screen, specify the directory you want this user to have access to relative to the root directory of your account.  Since this is a Windows platform, make sure you use a back slash (\) to delimit directories.  You can not start or end with the backslash.  Press the "Next" button to continue.

The system will seem like it has hung while it is creating the account.  Be patient and let it do it's thing.  You will get an error message if there was a problem.


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