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To create an email account, first log into your control panel.  On the first page, you will see an email icon.  Click that icon, and you will be leads to the main e-mail screen. 

Click the new email icon, located under the email setup functions.  This will lead you to a new screen where you add your email.  This screen may look confusing at first since it does so many things.  The first entry field that you will see is the email address.  Enter your email address in this field.

You can make the email address a catch all mailbox by checking the catch all check box.  However, we do not recommend that you use a catchall, otherwise you are likely to get a whole lot more spam thing you'd like.

You can also activate the anti spam and antivirus features for this mailbox by checking the appropriate checkboxes.  If you'd like to make this a mailbox and actually collects e-mail, you'll need to check the mailbox check box.  You also need to supply the password for your email account.

You'll notice on the screen, but there are a few other options.  First, you can set this mailbox up to be a mail forward.  This option will allow you to send mail to another mailbox specified in the text entry field.  If you have both the mailbox and the mail forwarded checked, this email will both collect your e-mail and forward your mail to the email address youth specified.  This is true with all options.

The next feature you can turn on is the mail alias.  A mail alias works very similar to a mail forward, the main difference is that a forward will send mail to an email account on a different domain.  A mail alias will send the e-mail to an account on the same domain.

The last option on this screen will allow you to setup an Autoresponder.  This may be useful for allowing people to get documents without you having to email them to them.  To set this up, of course you want to check the Autoresponder checkbox.  You also want to fill in the subject and the message.  If you'd like to either respond with an attachment you can also set that up.

Once you filled in all the options for your email, press the submit button and did your email account will be created.

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