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The fastest was to get help at is to send a support email to support at mywinhosting dot com.  This will send an email directly to the techs who can help you with whatever you need related to your hosting account.

When you send in a ticket, the following information will help us help you:

  1. A clear explanation of the problem. 
    I know it is tempting to send an image of an error screen, but you'll actually get better help if you just include the text of the error message as part of your support question.
  2. If you must send an image, state that an image has been attached to help explain the error as the first line of the ticket.
    Yes, I know they should see the image in the email.  But, keep in mind that answering support request is what our techs are doing a good part of the day.  Especially when things get busy, they are a lot more likely to scan the ticket for pertinent information and move on.
  3. Format your ticket so that it can be scanned easily.  A suggested format would be:
        Account Name:
        Domain Name:
        Statement of the problem:
        Steps to reproduce:
        Attached files:
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