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Getting Technical Support
The fastest was to get help at is to send a support email to support at mywinhosting dot com. This will send an email directly to the techs who can help you with whatever you need related to your hosting account. When you send in a ticket, the following information will help...

Getting ASP.NET 2.0 Support
Don't forget that if you need ASP.NET 2.0 Support, you'll need to...

Switch PHP Version
How to switch between PHP 4 and PHP 5

Directory Permissions
As an added level of security, all accounts are setup with read only access. If you need read/write access ...

Creating FTP Sub Accounts
If you have multiple people working on your site, it may be advantageous to create at least one sub account in the control panel so that they can work on your site without having access to your billing information or even your other domains. Here's how you setup sub accounts:

Where to upload your files to
Now that you've signed up for a hosting account. One of the first things you'll want to do is upload your files to the web server. This lesson will help you place your files in the right location.

Creating an MS-SQL Database
At some point, you'll probably want to create a database on the server. Since we are primarily using Microsoft technologies, we'll address creating a MS-SQL database first. Later in this series we'll address creating a MySQL and pgSQL database.

Moving E-Mail
When you transfer a domain from another hosting company to us, you'll likely want to make sure you don't loose any email when you make the Internet look at your new server. Here's how.

Creating email accounts
To create an email account, first log into your control panel. On the first page, you will see an email icon. Click that icon, and you will be leads to the main e-mail screen...

Changing your email space allocation
Yes, you can change the allocation of space for each mail box independently. Log into the control panel and click the "Mail" icon to

Connecting your email client
This lesson will give you the information that you need to setup of your email account. It will not give you specific instructions for your particular browser. I recommend that you read the documentation for your email client to see how to setup the specific configuration options.

Changing the "index" page
One of the more frequent questions we get asked is, "how do I make the server show my default.aspx page as the default page instead of the login page that it defaults to when it creates my domain?"

Backup and Restore MS-SQL Database
This lesson is meant to help you backup and restore your SQL database. These instructions should help you move your data from another hosting company on to our servers, or periodically backup your data from our servers for safe keeping.

Setting up SQL Session State Server
There are several reasons why you might want to setup the SQL session server. The first one is, on a shared server the ASP.NET worker process often recycles. This can cause you to lose session variables and frequently even if the session has not expired. The other reason you might want to install a session server is because sessions consumer memory. By using a session server...

Setting Up Forms Based Authentication

Configuring Anti SPAM
Spam has become incredibly difficult problem to deal with on Internet. On the one hand we want to be sure that we get the email we want. But on the other hand, there's just all this junk to deal with. Fortunately, at mywinhosting you have the ability to use spam filtering. To do this...

Setting Up Anti Virus for you E-Mail
While SPAM is annoying, Viruses are downright destructive. Fortunately, one of the items available with your MyWinHosting account is email virus detection. Here's how you enable it:

Setting Up Space Allocations
From time to time, you may receive an email indicating that you are nearing your allocated space limit for a particular resource. While it is true that you can use as much space as each plan allows, part of the way this is controlled is on a ...

Using Web Shell file manager
One of the great tools that comes built into the control panel is the Web Shell file manager. The tool itself is relatively easy to use, but most people don't know that it is available to them, or why they'd want to use it instead of using FTP. Here are some of the things you can do: 1) Set file permissions 2) Edit files directly on the server 3) Rename a file on the server 4) Copy and Move files between directories on the server 5) Archive (compress) files on the server and download them

Backing Up Your Site
From time to time, you might want to backup your website. Ideally, the web site IS your backup. But if you are one of those people who either work directly on the live site, or are just plain paranoid, you'll want to have a backup. Here's how you can backup your site by using the WebShell program that comes with your hosting package.

Creating a mySQL or pgSQL Database
While the majority of you hosting your web site at MyWinHosting will only ever use MS-SQL, it is possible to host PHP or Perl at MyWinHosting alone, or along side your ASP/ASP.NET web site. Many of those use mySQL as the back end. Applications such as osCommerce, Drupal, and Joomla all use mySQL to store their data.

Changing Windows Hosting Plans
So, you're site has grown, you're getting more traffic, or you have more domains. For whatever reason, it now makes sense for you to move up to another plan.

Adding more plan space or bandwidth
Your plan comes with a certain amount of space and bandwidth. We've arranged the plans so that it will eventually become more advantageous to upgrade to the next plan level. But if you just need to add a little more space or little more bandwidth in a make more sense to just add more space or bandwidth to your plan.

Manage your MS-SQL Database Over the Web
You can manage your database over the web via tcp/ip. You just can't do it using Microsoft SQL Studio Express. Here's another free alternative.

Setting up Domain Aliases
If you need to have multiple domains show the same information, domain aliases are what you need.


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